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ESSL Biometric X990

This ESSL Biometric time and attendance machine helps a business firm save a lot of time, money as well as resources spent in the tracking of employee attendance and punctuality. The use of this biometric device helps save on the efforts wasted in doing a lot of disorganized paperwork while keeping a manual note of the attendance through a timesheet. Equipped with a 32- bit high speed embedded processor the biometric device has a capacity of authenticating ID cards of over 10000 employees. It possesses an incredible 500 DPI optical sensor which makes scanning of employee cards among other biometric characteristics easier.

Key Features:-

  • 32 bit high speed embedded processor
  • 500 DPI optical sensor
  • Classic design


  • Ideal for use in every organization to keep a track of the working hours of all employees by authenticating and identifying by means of identity card swipes.
  • Enforces a sense of punctuality in one and all.



Type of Product : Biometric
ID Card Capacity : 10000
Confirmation Method : Card Reader
Communication Type : TCP/IP, RS232/485, and USB
Attendance Capacity : 200000